Mountain proto-typing

Designing and building a mountain is very similar to climbing one. A true team-effort.

Building a mountain is in various ways similar to climbing one. Starting from a basecamp, exploring possible ways, using a methodical approach. Sometimes retracing your steps, taking another try. Basecamp translates these principles to an inspiring open innovation program, focused on the development of a mountain-prototype.

During the course of the program, a team of co-operating parties develops an innovative framework, exploring a possible mountain concept.

The quality of the team performance is based on the quality of the generated framework, considering its feasibility, its resilience, its innovative potential and the amount of synergy it generates.

Each of these (concurrent running) Basecamp-programs will be based at a specific region or college, appealing to its specific profile. This profile consists of the fields of study involved and the (regional) economic structure in which the college is embedded. Each college, each region develops its own, unique mountain!

Ideas, concepts and network connections, obtained during the program, will be used in a subsequent program, starting the following year. In that way, the amount of knowledge, level of detail and support increases, leading to operational blueprints and associated businesscases within 3-5 years. The ultimate goal is to translate these blueprints into one or more, real prototypes, showing the benefits of true open innovation!