Project Basecamp’s prologue

Project Basecamp’s prologue


The last 15 months were, to put it mildly, hectic. Hectic in a positive sense.


In July 2011, Thijs Zonneveld unintentionally started the Dutch Mountain project by posting his weekly column at This column, in which Thijs announced his wish to build a mountain in the Netherlands, triggered a lot of response. Would one have to guess the secret desires of an average Dutchman two years ago, ‘building a mountain’ wouldn’t be an obvious answer. We know better now.

Being one out of many respondents, I was clueless of what to expect. A funny experiment perhaps. Bit of networking. Maybe a commercial clue, somewhere hidden. The first ‘Die berg komt er!’ meeting made clear that something special was set in motion. Journalists from several European countries attended, curious to see what would happen. In just a few weeks, a spontaneous and self-regulated project was born.

During the following year, a lot of people put a great effort in thinking, dreaming, discussing, designing and re-designing our mountain. How to build it? Why building it? What could be, no: should be the purpose? The mountain evolved into a landmark of inspiration and positive attitude. It taught us what just daring to think the unthinkable and the willingness to join efforts can accomplish.

The job is not done; the mountain has not been built yet. And how could it be, in just 15 months? We have just started; there is still a great deal to be learned and a lot of dreams left to dream.

Project Basecamp, being one of the tracks on which the Dutch Mountain project will be moving ahead, could not wish for a better prologue. Preserving the spirit of the Dutch Mountain project and, simultaneously, following a targeted, business-like approach, is therefore a major challenge!


Image: Egbert Tigelaar, Immersiv3Dimensions

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