Our dream.

A man-made mountain. Just imagine.

A man-made mountain..a human termite mound.. Imagine how it would look like. Imagine what it could be like.


So far, lots of people did. Not surprisingly, a wide variety of mountains have been dreamed up. The idea of building a mountain inspires people and triggers creative entrepreneurship. It stimulates the exchange of insights and propels innovation.

Imagine: an artificial mountain, housing countless functions and processes, linked in one way or another. Power generation, storage of durable energy, indoor farming and upcycling of waste materials. Not to mention the possibilities for innovative construction technology, sports, leisure or scientific research.

A man-made mountain: an ambitious plan, challenging both our technical skills and imagination beyond their limits. Regardless of whether it will ever be built, the creative process triggered by the mountain is valuable in itself. The imaginary mountain brings together various types of knowledge, skills and perspectives. This spontaneous mix is of great value: it is a true example of open innovation.

Abstract as it may seem, it is not hard to identify real-life purposes for this imaginary mountain. On a global scale, increasing shortages in food, energy and fresh water are the most pressing planning challenges of our times. Rapid and nigh unstoppable urbanization poses us an urgent question: how to provide all these new and expanding cities with sufficient food, fresh water and energy?

It is clear that we need to exert all our skills, in order to tackle these problems. We need to be smart. We need to be creative. We need to be out of the box.

As for innovative design, the Dutch are world-famous. In order to consolidate this leading position, it is vital to train our future professionals in a comprehensive, future-oriented way. They need not only to be skillful, but also inclined to connect to other fields and perspectives.

This is our dream.

This is what Basecamp is about.