Our approach.

Connecting people, insights and views.

Project Basecamp is an open innovation program, in which several parties work together towards a common goal.


This ‘common goal’ is inspired by the ‘Die berg komt er!’-project, originated in the summer of 2011. During the dynamic and unpredictable course of this project, an image of a man-made, multifunctional mountain, proved itself to be of great value. Being both farfetched as concrete, an artificial mountain challenged several parties to connect their daily activities, problems and challenges to this (virtual) goal.

In Project Basecamp, this process is deepened and refined. Following 6 stages, parties work together towards a common goal: an actual, working mountain prototype. The appearance of this prototype is not predetermined, being the result of the completed process.

However: the mountain-prototype will have to house a smart, state of the art network of interlinked functions and processes. It can be considered an incubator for these techniques, a showcase, a market place or an exhibition center.

Below: item in the Dutch NOS-news on the spontaneous emergence of the ‘Die berg komt er!’ project