Jan Douwe Kroeske: mountain supporter!

Jan Douwe Kroeske: mountain supporter!


Jan Douwe Kroeske, media entrepreneur and well-known host of television and radio shows, supports ‘Die berg komt er!’ and project Basecamp:


“The mountain will be built, I understand…I like that…for it helps the Netherlands to become a different country. And it is time for a change. This mountain will provide us with new insights. On the interior, as well as the exterior. The entire Dutch science will set about ideas, philosophy and development of a well functioning internal system (which crops to cultivate and in what way? Can we live inside a mountain? Which climatic insights arise?) as well as the looks of the exterior. These topics will be discussed by all Dutch…Can we do this or can’t we? Does a mountain fit in our ‘polder-society’? ‘Cold ground philosophy’, so to speak!

I compare the mountain with the recent discussion on the 2028 Olympic games. Had we translated the Olympic games into the Innovative Games (e.g. 100 % water-powered!), it would have become a major challenge to set about. Instead, the Olympic games discussion ended in an old-fashioned debate on cuts…

So: in order to prevent the mountain from sinking in a swamp, I suggest that we see it as a goal worthwhile, a goal to be proud of!”


Image: Egbert Tigelaar, Immersiv3Dimensions

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